• Andy Gill

Getting Your Property Winter Ready

It’s getting to that time of year again, with dark nights already upon us and chilly temperatures rapidly approaching its time to start ensuring that your property is ready.

- Ensure that you heating is working properly- no warning codes on the boiler, all radiators have been bled to ensure that they are able to get really warm and make your home lovely and cosy

- Then it’s time to make sure that that all that heat isn’t going straight out again, ensure that keyholes and letter boxes have covers on, check that there are no draughts coming in around doors and windows. Also check the loft insulation – it should be at least

270 mm thick.

- It’s also important to make sure that the outside looks like it can measure up to the cold, wintery weather- Check the roof for any missing tiles, clear the gutters of debris and dead leaves. Treat the fences and decking areas to prevent the wood from going rotten.

Don’t forget to wrap up warm

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